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I just wanted you guys to know: I dropped my iPod in the toilet about… - Queen of the Eyesores [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 20th, 2008|12:47 am]
I just wanted you guys to know:
I dropped my iPod in the toilet about a week ago. If this ever happens to you [or if you put it through the laundry or get caught in the rain], let it dry out for about a week. The key thing to know if your iPod gets wet is DO NOT TURN IT ON until it's completely dry! I turned mine on immediately to see if it worked. That was stupid. It told me to plug it into my laptop. So I did. And then it froze, saying "Do not disconnect!" for about a year. That was frozen. On the screen. Flashing at me. Mocking me. </bitterness>. I propped it up vertically on a towel so I could check how much water was coming out. When there weren't any more water droplets or fog on the screen, I pressed the center button to turn it on. It did nothingggg. So I got this box cutter and a flat head screwdriver, and used the two to pop off the front cover. I recommend starting in the middle of one of the sides, and work your way to the corner. Yes, it takes a little while. Maybe 15 minutes, after reading this? Once you're inside the iPod there is a a little orange flat wire thing that runs between the two halves. It connects to the silver half of the iPod in the bottom left corner, I believe, of the iPod, if you're looking at the iPod if it were closed and in iPod anatomical position. You know what I'm talking about. You can gently pull out that little orange-covered metal strip in that corner area. Pull it out perpendicular to the iPod surface. This will kill the battery. Then, you can carefully put it back into that same little slot [be careful not to bend the strip!] and the iPod should turn on, just like it normally does, with your music still on it and everything. Mine went back to the Music/Photos/Videos/Extras/etc. screen.

I feel really smart right now. I just felt I should share that info with you guys.

And just so you know, I wasn't shitting and rocking out. I had my MSU hoodie on, and my iPod was in the pouch in the front, and I bent over to get a square of toilet paper, and it fell in the toilet. Let this be a lesson: always put down the toilet lid. I was just happy there wasn't any... not-water in the toilet. :) Bahaha.

I'm gonna go sync my iPod! :)